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Industrial Hoses and Seamless Steel Tube

Hydraulic hose
 Hydraulic Hoses
Textile Braid Hose
(DIN 20021, SAE 100 R3/R4/R6)
Wire Braid Hose
(DIN 20022, SAE 100 R1/R2/R5/R16)
Wire Spiral Hose
(DIN 20023, SAE 100 R9/R10/R12/R13/R15)
Industrial hose
 Industrial Hose
Food Quality Hoses
Abrasion Resistant Hoses
Hoses for Petroleum Products
Hoses for Vehicles
Steam / Hot Water Hoses
Chemical Transfer Hoses
Industrial Water Hoses
Hoses for Compressed Air
Gas Hoses
Flexible metal hose
 Flexible Metal Hoses
Interlocked Metal Hose
Composite Convoluted Hose
Thermo-Sanitary Hose
Corrugated Stainless Steel Hose
Convoluted PTFE Hose
Expansion Joints and Metal Bellows
Thermoplastic hose
 Thermoplastic Hoses
Extreme high pressure hose
(working pressure up to 3200 bar)
Pneumatic Hose
Polyurethane Hose
Seamless tube
 Seamless Steel Tube
Seamless Carbon Steel Tube
(DIN 1630)
Seamless Stainless Steel Tube
(DIN 17458)