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RG 2
Uniflex® hose & tube cleaning machine

RG 2

The trend towards cleaned hose pipes that are ready to be installed is continuing steadily, particularly in view of the increasing complexity of hydraulic systems.

Cleaning reliably removes the rubbed-off particles arising in connection with separating hose assemblies or pipes (chips) and the pressing scaling resulting from pressing hose fixtures. This low-cost device is especially well suited for small workshops, flexible production and assembly firms.

The rinsing pump, filter, rinsing pistol and an inclined deposittable with a collecting cover are mounted on a 40- liter Aluminium tank. The device can be moved to the desired place of application very easily since it is equipped with feet and castors. The only thing that is needed is a supply of compressed air for driving the pump and blowing through the hoses or pipes.

Due to two specially developed rinsing cones, hose assemblies ranging from I .D. 3/16" (DN 5) to I .D. 1" (DN 25) or pipes with diameters of 5 to 30 mm can be cleaned in only one operating cycle with an environmentally friendly emulsion of neutral detergent and water.

Naturally, the filters of this machine's big brother, RG1, which offers filters with fineness grades of 25, 12 and 3 µm, can also be used. With these additional filters, purity grades up to oil purity grade 13/10 according to ISO standard 4406 (NAS 1638 - Grade 4) can be obtained.